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1 a Greek sandwich: sliced roast lamb with onion and tomato stuffed into pita bread
2 rotating mechanism in the form of a universally mounted spinning wheel that offers resistance to turns in any direction [syn: gyroscope]

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From gyroscope, by shortening

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  1. A government welfare cheque

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Gyro may refer to:
  • An abbreviation for autogyro, a type of rotary-wing aircraft
  • Gyro (or, more properly, gyros), a pita sandwich or the rotisseried meat it contains
  • An abbreviation for gyroscope, an orientation-stabilizing device
  • The casually used brand name of a detangler mechanism, part of a stunt-adapted BMX bicycle
  • Gyro Gearloose, a comic-book character.
  • Gyro International, a social fraternal organization
  • An abbreviation for Gyrodactylus salaris, a parasite in salmon
  • A nickname for the rumored baseball pitch, the gyroball.
  • The nickname of the Panther Choice Award Winning Jesus "Bartleby" Jones.
  • Gyro student magazine of Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand.
  • GYRO, a computer program for tokamak plasma simulation.
  • Honda Gyro, a family of tilting three wheel vehicles.
  • 'Gyro', a stimulant drug appearing in the science fiction novel The Puppet Masters by Robert Heinlein.
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